Air Conditioning Tips

Saving Money With Regular Car Air Conditioning Servicing

More than 90% of new cars sold this year had air conditioning systems fitted as standard. If you are the owner of such a vehicle you will appreciate the value of air conditioning. The system cools the passenger cabin during warm weather and assists the demister in winter by removing excess moisture in damp conditions.

Whilst the modern automotive A/C system is both efficient and reliable, it is a mainly mechanical system which requires periodical servicing and maintenance in order to maintain its performance. Almost without exception, vehicle manufacturers now recommend an annual service to maintain and ensure the efficiency & reliability of the system.

Most car owners, and indeed, many other service centres, do not appreciate that if an A/C system is not correctly maintained by suitably trained and equipped technicians on a regular basis, there is a risk of system damage or even a complete vehicle breakdown. This is possible because most A/C equipped vehicles use a common drive belt to power the A/C compressor. If an A/C compressor seizes due to lack of maintenance, the subsequent drive belt failure will stop the vehicle.

Important safety warning

Please note that all A/C systems contain potentially harmful CFC or HFC gases under very high pressures. Exposure to the refrigerant can cause cold burns and blindness. Additionally, deliberate release of the refrigerant is a criminal offence with penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment with an unlimited fine.

The only safe way to maintain your system is through an annual service by a qualified A/C technician using specialised equipment. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to service or maintain your own A/C system.

Our workshops are fully equipped with the very latest state of the art A/C servicing equipment and our technicians have undergone extensive specialised training. You can be rest assured that we offer an efficient, economical and environmentally safe service of your A/C system.